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Starmaker reviews
"Jeanine Gangloff Levy credibly plays Lana Turner as a strong female character. Surely, it would have been easy to play Turner as the stereotypical “blonde.” But Levy imbues her character with an assertiveness and forthright manner that will surely please #MeTooadvocates and modern audiences. This woman, her cartoonish yellow costume non-withstanding, is no caricature. Rather, she’s a human being with feelings. And she will not let others push her around.”
-Aaron Krause, Theatrical Musings
"Then plants his loyal secretary Phyllis (the striking and versatile Jeanine Gangloff Levy, also appearing as Lana Turner) as an acceptable love interest."
-Mindy Leaf,Around Town
"Levy gets some of the best comic moments as Lana Turner, and also Willson’s secretary Phyllis Gates, who becomes Hudson’s wife until they divorce three years after their married. She’s also the time capsule taking us through each era as Grace Slick in the 1960s, then Donna Summer in the 1970s, then getting physical as Olivia Newton John in the 1980s. The campy, comic relief works..."
-Michelle Solomon, Florida Theatre Onstage
She shorts Reviews
"As Edna, Jeanine Gangloff-Levy delivers the evening’s most powerful, nuanced, natural and multi-faceted performance. As a matter of fact, Gangloff-Levy disappears into her character. She conveys authentic, painful emotions through her voice and face. In short, the performer makes you forget that she’s acting. Those wide-eyed, watery eyes communicate fear, shock and pain better than words can."
-Aaron Krause, Theatrical Musings
Legally Blonde reviews
" The funniest performances come from Gangloff Levy as the enthusiastic Paulette..."
- Christine Dolen, Sun Sentinel
"Andrews is hardly alone in shining like a box of holiday ornaments. Jeanine Gangloff Levy was the most wonderfully outrageous lead in Slow Burn’s spoofy Disaster! Here she has a field day as the lovelorn blue collar salon owner and dispenser of wisdom Paulette, who has some belt to the back of house numbers – and the most horrible bouffy hairstyle ever seen in a salon."
-Bill Hirschman, Florida Theatre Onstage
"But, it was Jeanine Gangloff Levy as hairdresser Paulette and Clay Cartland as the hunky UPS driver Kyle who nearly upstaged the leads. Levy may have looked and sounded like the “Long Island Medium” Theresa Caputo, but when she belted out her numbers, she commanded the Amaturo Theater stage. "
-JW Arnold, South Florida Gay News
9 to 5 the musical reviews
" Doralee(Jeanne Gangloff Levy), Violet (Laura Hodds), Judy (Erica Lustig), gave outstanding performances as they played the perfect 1980’s ‘office girls’ transforming their office into a new and groundbreaking operation while chaining their boss to his garage door.... The four women stole the show...the music and lead female roles stole the show. "
- Ellen Eichelbaum, Miami Splash Magazine
"He’s blessed, of course, with a uniformly terrific group of singers...Hodos, Lustig and the hilarious Gangloff Levy exude a verve whether leading group numbers or delivering the empowerment anthems.They also have a solid sense of comic timing..."
-Bill Hirschman, Florida Theatre Onstage
"...and Parton stand in, Jeanine Gangloff Levy (Doralee) are all super talented actors and vocalists who rock the musicals ever present comedic undertones.  "
-Mindi Leaf, Around Town Newspaper
Charlie Cox runs with scissors
"Levy's quirky and unabashed Nell is also a breath of fresh air"
-Cindy Pierre, Talkin' Broadway
Disaster the musical Reviews
"Jackie (Jeanine Gangloff is)  the big-voiced blonde who belts the hits in the ship’s show room.. Gangloff is a hoot, her speaking voice modulated so that she sounds like a B-movie actress from noir films, and she’s thoroughly convincing as the kind of singer whose career trajectory would top out on a casino ship."
- Christine Dolen, Sun Sentinel
Dance Nation Reviews
"Gangloff Levy balances uncomfortability with assuredness in the meant-to-be perfect Amina."
"Were a prize given out today for Best Ensemble, the cast of Dance Nation would take home a trophy. And, in the most Ambitious Play category, applause for Thinking Cap Theatre for consistently taking on works that dare to be different."
-Michelle Solomon, Florida Theatre Onstage
Bridges of madison county Reviews
""Jeanine Gangloff tears into the country tune “State Road 21/The Real World.”
- Christine Dolen, Sun Sentinel

"To complicate matters, there is an aspiring dim-witted actress named Kitty waiting to take her place,...Jeanine Gangloff has some good moments as the vapid, and nasal voiced Kitty. "

- John Lariviere, Broadway World 

Sunshine BoyS Reviews

"Gangloff has talent, and though she is young, she seems to grasp the requirements of vaudeville-style comedy."

- Dale King, Palm Beach Arts Paper

"... the ubiquitous buxom bimbo nurse, wonderfully played by Gangloff"

- Jeffrey Bruce, Talkin' Broadway

SEE RocK CITY Reviews

"...the Alamo vignette, but the scene is otherwise among the show’s strongest. Of all the cast, Gangloff has the brightest of futures, her effortless naturalism and sonorous voice elevating her solo number “All There Is to Say.”


-John Thomason, Florida Theatre Onstage, See Rock City

The Glacier Bay sequence, featuring the three actresses’ poignant a cappella harmonies on “Three Fair Queens,” is an exquisite standalone piece with a fully realized story arc.

- John Thomason, Florida Theatre Onstage, See Rock City


"When sisters Lily (Yasmin Adli), Claire (Jeanine Gangloff) and Judy (Mariah Jimenez) unite on a cruise to say farewell to their deceased dad, a somber moment becomes enjoyable when they sing "Three Fair Queens," a song that they used to perform together for their father as kids. Putting all differences and animosities aside, the trio come together beautifully and evoke a dysfunctional but loving family."

- Cindy Pierre, Talking Broadway, See Rock City

Romeo and juliet Reviews

"Rather than playing the nurse as a doting, plainspoken and jolly peasant, flame haired Jeanine Gangloff made her slinky, sexually ravenous, and wily as a fox"

- Kati Shardle, Tallahassee Democrat